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Security Audit

Uncover vulnerabilities while we provide solutions.

Comprehensively assess the security of your smart contracts, crypto wallets, blockchain clients, website front-ends and back-ends, and more.

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Audit Process

1. Code Review, Including:

  • Project Diagnosis

    Understanding the size, scope and functionality of your project’s source code based on the specifications, sources, and instructions provided to Fairyproof.

  • Manual Code Review

    Reading your source code line-by-line to identify potential vulnerabilities.

  • Specification Comparison

    Determining whether your project’s code successfully and efficiently accomplishes or executes its functions according to the specifications, sources, and instructions provided to Fairyproof.

2. Testing and Automated Analysis, Including:

  • Test Coverage Analysis

    Determining whether the test cases cover your code and how much of your code is exercised or executed when test cases are run.

  • Symbolic Execution

    Analyzing a program to determine the specific input that causes different parts of a program to execute its functions.

  • Best Practices Review

    Reviewing the source code to improve maintainability, security, and control based on the latest established industry and academic practices, recommendations, and research.

security audit process

Security Is Always Our Highest Priority

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Why Choose Fairyproof?

Fairyproof is a pioneering blockchain security company established in 2021 by a group of passionate blockchain experts. We specialize in developing blockchain security solutions and Ethereum standards, while providing efficient, professional security services and solutions through automated security tools and manual reviews. Fairyproof has audited many well-known projects on various established blockchains like Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polkadot, HECO, Waves, COSMOS, and more. We have also developed many patented, comprehensive, multidimensional systems and tools to automate security audits for smart contracts, blockchains and wallets. Together, we can make the world of Web3.0 a safer place.